Going Green – Repairing, Reusing and Recycling Your Electronics

Lots of people are going green now a days, and that’s a beautiful thing.  But many people still don’t know how to safely dispose of their old electronics.  Throwing old electronics in the trash is disastrous for both the environment and our economy.  Fear Not!  Gadget Lab is here to teach you about the benefits of repairing, reusing and recycling your old electronics. With the right tools and education we can take the necessary steps to reduce the amount of e-waste that ends up in our landfills.

E-Waste.    In 2014, 41.8 million metric tons of wasted electronic equipment, commonly referred to as e-waste, was generated worldwide. Of that, only 6.5 million metric tons were recycled. Globally, we are on track to exceed a whopping 93.5 million metric tons of generated e-waste in 2016.

E-waste consists of unwanted, non-working and obsolete electronics such as phones, tablets, computers, televisions, VCRs, stereos, copiers, and fax machines.  Although many of these products can be refurbished, reused or recycled, there is still a staggering amount of e-waste ending up in our landfills.  On top of clogging up the worlds already overflowing landfills, many of these electronics contain toxic heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium and beryllium, as well as hazardous chemicals, such as brominated flame retardants.  When disposed of irresponsibly, these toxins and hazardous substances are allowed to seep into the ground, contaminating water sources and creating a serious health threat for people and the environment alike. A complete list of these hazardous substances can be found here.

It is up to us, the consumers, to drastically reduce the amount of e-waste that we are disposing of improperly.

Environmentally Responsible.    As a small business that deals with electronics on a daily basis, Gadget Lab feels it is our duty to keep unnecessary electronic waste out of the landfills through the acts of repairing, recycling and education.  The following planet-friendly practices allow us to minimize our carbon footprint, thus positively impacting our community and our environment alike.

REPAIR – Repairing our phones, tablets, computers, and other devices helps to keep perfectly good electronics out of our landfills.  At Gadget Lab, we strive to provide convenient and affordable solutions for all of your cell phone, smartphone, tablet and computer repair needs.  We repair all makes and models including Apple iPhones, iPads and iPods, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Nokia, ZTE, HTC and many more.  Broken Screen?  Battery won’t hold a charge?  Camera stopped working?  We can help!  With over 15 years of experience in the electronics repair industry, our technicians will get you back up and running in no time.  Call today for a free estimate, or stop in at our location in Mechanicsburg, PA!

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